2017 Top 5 Under Eye Treatment Masks on the Market

2017 Top 5 Under Eye Treatment Masks on the Market


You’ve found the perfect eye cream and you’ve started seeing real results. But, sometimes, you need something that will work in synergy with your eye cream to improve that extremely thin skin.

Of course, you’ve heard off all the DIY solutions, like ice cubes massage, cucumber slices or even a raw steak masks. All these are great, if you don’t mind the mess, and the smell, and the clean-up afterwards… Unfortunately, the results tend to not last longer than a few minutes. An hour top, if you’re lucky.

So, here’s our advice: use your eye cream with the perfect under-eye masks! They won’t replace the eye cream you already apply under your eyes twice daily, they will complement it to give you even better results.

Now, not all eye masks can give you instant results. Some of them won’t even work at all, if they don’t send you to the doctor—yes, some unfortunate eye masks users need medical treatment after a bad experience…

But as usual, Buyer Ranking stands by your side to help you navigate the under-eye masks market. With our “Top 5 Under-Eye Masks” compared and reviewed, you will find a product that REALLY works for you.

Whereas the chart might look simple, the reviews are exhaustive. Our ratings (Superior, Excellent or Good) are backed by a LOT of research, testing, and talking to regular users.

Take a look at the columns and find the area that matters the most to YOU. See which product got the best grade, and then click either on the image, the brand, or the “read it” link to open the FULL review.

BELOW THE CHART are some extra tips. We hope our review will help you and ease your search.

Instant Fix Puffiness Dark Circles Customer Rating The Review

GlamorEye, SRI

Superior Superior Superior 9.9/10 Read It

Collagen Eye Treatment, La Pure

Superior Superior Superior 9.7/10 Read It

Gold Eye Mask, Beneleaf

Excellent Excellent Good 8.9/10 Read It

Energizing Eye Masks, Grace & Stella

Excellent Good Good 8.5/10 Read It

Eye Delight Foot Peel

Good Good Good 7.9/10 Read It

How to Find the Very Best Under-Eye Mask For YOU?

Aging signs appearing on your skin can be scary. But they are not the only reason for eye bags and puffiness. Unbalanced diet, lack of exercise or short nights could show on your face within just a couple days, no matter your age. And you can try any DIY solution or make-up technique, they’ll stick around. Disarming. Especially when you prepare for an event or an evening out.

Yet, here are a few tips before your first application:

  • Always try a new eye product on the skin inside your forearm. It’s almost as thin as the skin around your eyes and should give you a good idea of how you will react. Any redness or inflammation could be a sign of skin irritation or allergic reaction. Take off the mask, rinse out and let it dry. If you’re allergic to the mask, contact the company for a refund and choose another brand, with maybe different ingredients. If it’s just irritation, let your skin rest and try again another day.
  • Eyes puffy from sleep, tiredness or tears could feel hot. In that case, place the masks in your fridge for up to an hour before application. The cold will sooth your eyes while the ingredients will work their magic to get rid of any puffiness.
  • Eye masks should complement a good eye cream. You don’t need to use them every day to see improvement. Our advice would be to use them for specific occasions, up to 3 times a week.

While we understand that the price can limit your options, remember that good companies offer great money-back guarantee. So, if the eye masks you chose didn’t work for you, you wouldn’t lose any money.