Top 5 Solar Energy Providers of 2018 In Massachusetts

Top 5 Solar Energy Providers of 2018 In Massachusetts

Solar Panels on the Lawn Collecting Energy
Solar energy technologies use the sun's energy to light homes, produce hot water, heat homes as shown in solar tankless water heater reviews and electricity.

Explore Purchasing Options, Leases, Financing, and Energy Savings From Our Top Choices in the New Year

There has never been a better time to “Go Solar”…

The costs of having solar panels installed on your home have decreased by over 55% the last 5 years and are now at an all-time low. Not only that, but the government still hands out generous incentives to homeowners who make the switch!

In some cases, installing low or No-Cost solar panels will not only Save you money…

Under the right circumstances, solar panels can even Make You Money…

And with a new administration running the government, you never know when those government incentives will be taken away…

It’s no wonder that the rate of solar installations doubled from 2015-2016 and only continued to skyrocket in 2017!

As always at Buyer Ranking, we want to help you make the smartest long-term decision for your needs. We’ve compared the cost, savings, and contracts of all the top providers of solar energy.

We compiled reports about the benefits, pros, and cons of each solar company. For your convenience, we rated and ranked them according to what we believe are the best choices for your home.

Top Pick 1


1-855-404-2711 | Visit Site


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  • Flexible solar financing options with as little as no up front costs
  • High-quality, professional, local installation
  • Complete no-hassle system guarantee
  • 24/7 desktop, tablet, and smartphone system monitoring


Horizon Solar Power

1-855-982-5952 | Visit Site


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  • Free solar panel installation with no upfront cost
  • Lock in a rate for 20 years
  • 30% savings from the moment your system starts producing


Renew Financial

1-844-864-7888 | Visit Site


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  • Specializes in affordable & create financing given you lots of options
  • Works to get government financing
  • Only finances products that meet or exceed state and national standards for energy efficiency


Semper Solaris

1-855-315-8887 | Visit Site


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  • SunPower High Quality Solar Panels Elite Dealer
  • They make going solar easy to understand
  • Offer products designed in America



1-855-976-8217 | Visit Site


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  • SolarMax Offer Financing Directly
  • Everything’s in-house, from designers to installers and consultants
  • 10 year installation warranties