Best Shampoo For Swimmer’s Chlorine Hair

Best Shampoo For Swimmer’s Chlorine Hair


If you’re an active swimmer, you know how damaging the effects of chlorine can be on your hair: over time, it becomes frizzy, dull, unmanageable, and the subject of countless expletive-laced tirades that can only come from someone who is watching his or her own hair die a slow, agonizing, and very dry death. Maybe you’re like me and there have even been times when you wondered if you’d be better off without any at all, rather than trying to sort out that dry pile of straw sitting atop your noggin.

Enter Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Number Three. I can’t recommend this product highly enough, especially because it was the first one to make my hair stop resembling broken strands of twine that had been sitting in the sun for hours, and something more like actual hair. The way it works is three-fold, and really kind of cool in its own scientific way: Firstly, it stops the damaging oxidization process that builds up iron, chlorine, and other poisonous chemicals that wreak havoc on hair and scalp. The result: NO MORE GREEN HAIR (one of the most dreaded side effects of regular swimming in chlorinated water)!

Secondly, Shampoo Number Three strengthens the fibers of your hair by supplying them with a combination of natural oxidizers and neutralizers, making the strands less susceptible to harmful particles found in hard, chlorinated water. The result I got: less dullness, more natural shine, and, most importantly, easier-to-manage hair that didn’t tangle.

Thirdly, Shampoo Number Three utilizes special chelating agents — which is really just a fancy scientific way of saying that it’s a gel which easily bonds to harmful chlorine-based chemicals — to DESTROY those harmful chemicals. I was also happy to see a familiar lustrous shine and be rid of heavy stink of chlorine, the result of several natural ingredients like aloe vera, henna, and rosemary.

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a no-nonsense, easy-to-use shampoo that kills chlorine good and dead, repairs hair fast, and restores the bounce and shine you’ve been lacking, Shampoo Number Three is what you want. The results come hard and fast, and you should start seeing a difference (depending on how long you’ve been swimming) within a few days. I won’t swim without it!