Calvin Klein Monogram Bag Review

Calvin Klein Monogram Bag Review


If you’re a Calvin Klein fan, you might not help but notice this “Monogram bag in a bag tote.” It is one of the latest brand offerings for its customers from around the world. The monogram concept designing the bag with C and K initials is prominent in this piece, just like what you could see in an equally famous monogram bags by Louis Vuitton. But if you’re trying to look for more information on whether or not to buy the new CK bag, keep reading and learn more in today’s review.


  • Imported materials
  • Made in China
  • Monogram design
  • Has a flap closure
  • Artificial lining
  • Shoulder drop: 11 inches
  • Height: 12.5 inches
  • Width: 11.5 inches
  • Latest in the series bag in a bag tote


  • Durable
  • Can be worn with any outfit
  • Stylish, all-season bag


  • May be more expensive than other monogram concept bags

Benefits & Uses of the Calvin Klein Monogram Bag in a Bag Tote

The Calvin Klein Monogram Bag is sturdy and big enough to let you store your everyday essentials, including makeup and gadgets. It has a wide center that allows you to take out or put them back inside the bag without any hassles.  With its spacious interior compartment, it can be your reliable bag to carry your everyday office or school items.

For the security of your items, it comes with a flap closure, ensuring that your things are kept inside safely.  For its specific measurement, the bag comes with an 11-inch shoulder drop, making it adaptable for women of virtually all heights.

The bag is another fashionable product from Calvin Klein that has been known for its contribution in the fashion industry; definitely, you can take a look and consider this bag if you want a trusted name in the bag manufacturing industry.

The Calvin Klein Monogram tote comes in colors, namely the “Dot Almond/Khaki/Metallic Taupe Saffiano and the “Brown/Khaki/Luggage Saffiano.” So whatever your preference is, there can be a CK monogram bag for you.

Tote bags like this one has been around in as early as the 17th century, when it was one of the most practical carry bags for women in their everyday lives.  Today, it can be told that tote bags have come a long, long way in fashion and it has been embraced by women from all occupations, from students to office workers and from executives to business owners. No wonder, these bags are very practical, spacious and stylish, all at the same time.

The Calvin Klein Monogram tote is also loved for its spacious design, which lets you carry more things than you normally could with a smaller, typical shoulder bag.  This product also comes with artificial lining, which makes it more durable than its counterparts are; thus, you can look forward to years of use with it.


This customizable fashion item fits the modern woman of substance and style. It is not only an everyday shoulder bag, but also a stylish one to use for all seasons. It is easy to clean and spacious and it has a durable construction. You definitely have to consider this one if you love monogram concepts. Buy yours today!