How Can I View Or Review A Product That Is Not Listed On Buyerranking.com?

We welcome all suggestions, so feel free to let us know if you’d like us to review a new product. Our contact form is easily accessible here. And, because we’re constantly updating our database with new products, you can check back in a few weeks.


How Do You Choose The Subjects Of Your Articles?

We review products on an ongoing basis. We pick them from a variety of sources—products we’ve used, products we’ve read about in the media or been pitched by friends and contacts, and new products sent by cosmetics companies’ PR.

And, because our writers are passionate about skincare, make-up and cosmetics, they’re always on the lookout for new tips to share with you.

I Need Beauty Advice. Can I Send You My Question? 

Yes, you can! We love getting your questions! We’ll do the best we can to answer questions sent by users. In addition, we use the questions we receive to shape our future coverage—for example, if we receive a lot of questions about UVA protection or retinol serums, we may schedule a special story or Beauty Squad experiment in response. Click here to send a question.

Could A Company Submit Products For Review?

Submissions are welcome, but please note while we do the best we can to get to all product, we cannot guarantee a review. Please give us as much lead time as possible to increase chances for timely coverage.


Do I Need A Subscription To Read Buyer Ranking Reviews And Articles?

No. Buyer Ranking is COMPLETELY FREE.

We do not withhold any information in our articles or reviews because we believe everybody should have access to health and beauty news.




How Do I Know I Need An Eye Cream?

The skin around your eyes is extremely thin, and it gets thinner as you age. Thus, it is extra delicate and requires extra care. The cream you use on your face or your body could unfortunately cause irritations and more wrinkles if you apply it around your eyes for an extended period. Instead, we’d advise you to look for a high-quality eye cream without chemicals, so your skin is protected and repaired.


How Do I Apply My Eye Cream?

To avoid any redness, do not rub the cream in. Instead, put a pea size of eye cream on your ring finger and tap in gently around yours eyes until fully absorbed. High-quality eye cream will be absorbed fast, and you will be able to apply your make-up within a couple minutes.

Tip: Choose a gentle, non-chemical make-up line, so it works in synergy with your eye cream.

Strange but true: Your eye cream can migrate as it is absorbed into your skin, getting inside your eyes and causing irritation. To avoid crying because of your eye cream, apply it at least a half-inch away from your eye.


How Often Should I Apply My Eye Cream?

Your eye cream should be the first cosmetics you apply, right after you clean your skin, morning and evening. When your skin is perfectly clean and dry, apply your eye cream as explained above, wait a couple seconds until completely absorbed, then apply your moisturizer and your make-up. Follow this regimen with the right eye cream every single day and your skin will get brighter and tighter in no time.


Why Does Burn/Itch When I Apply My Eye Cream?

Because the skin around your eyes is so thin, it is also really delicate. That’s why you may have a reaction under your eyes, and not on your cheeks. That’s also why you need a specific eye cream that is gentle and light.

A minor itch for a couple seconds is ok, it’s just your skin reacting to intense hydration. But a burning sensation should alarm you to stay away from that specific eye cream.

That said, some ingredients might irritate your delicate skin more than others. Avoid creams with synthetic fragrances, preservatives, colors… They will most certainly cause some itching, up to a rash or an allergic reaction. You should also avoid a cream with alcohol that would dry your skin out. Read the label attentively to stay away from any potential allergen.

Finally, your eye cream should fit your skin type.


How Do I Choose My Eye Cream?

With the constant advertisement we are subjected to, it is indeed difficult to choose the right eye cream for you. That’s where we can help.

Your first step should be to consult with a dermatologist to know your skin type, if you don’t know it yet. Then read on line reviews, compare products, check labels and companies (you might already do that). Finally, try the eye cream you chose for a few weeks.

Remember that it shouldn’t give you any discomfort, except maybe a tiny itch that lasts less than a couple seconds. Anything stronger than that tells you to stop using the eye cream immediately.

A chemical-free eye cream, thus gentle on your skin, won’t give you miracle results. Be ready to apply it twice a day for a few weeks before noticing any improvement. The best would be to take before/after pictures. You get used to your reflection in the mirror and might not see a slight improvement that you would notice comparing pictures.