Full Breakdown of the Digestive Center’s Mastic Gum

Full Breakdown of the Digestive Center’s Mastic Gum


Gum is rarely on top of the list of holistic health solutions as this sticky substance flaunts a reputation as an irritating gunk rather than viable medicinal remedy. However, underneath all the pizazz and hoopla of the mainstream gum market, lurks a revolutionary product with more benefits than an insurance convention. What product might this be? Mastic Gum, sold by the Digestive Center. Mastic Gum itself is an overlooked nutrient derived from the Mastic tree that works miracles on the digestive system because of its ability to combat the infamous H. Pylori bacteria. H. pylori is one of the most common gastrointestinal foes laying siege to your G.I. tract causing bloating, nausea, even ulcers.

If your curiosity about the Digestive Center’s Mastic Gum is piqued, and believe me it should be, read more about what this ancient yet well-kept secret can do for you personally. We’ve broken it down in this thorough review category by category in hopes that you can better understand the extraordinary effects this nutrient is capable of inducing on your health and also explain while it still remains to scoot under the radar of the conventional market despite its miraculous capabilities.

Full Breakdown of the Digestive Center’s Mastic Gum


  • Helps reduce gas & bloating
  • Supports fresh breath
  • Promotes clean teeth
  • Packaged in an easy-to-travel with container
  • 100% raw which pleased customers who were used to products being loaded with additives and synthetic fillers
  • Manufactured in GMP and FDA approved facilities
  • Gluten-free
  • Refreshing pine-like taste


  • Only available on seller’s website
  • Frequently on backorder due to importation regulations from the Island of Chios
  • Can only be ordered M-F during business hours excluding holidays

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 Effectiveness 9.9/10

The Digestive Center’s Mastic Gum nearly scored perfect marks in terms of effectiveness simply because of its remarkable properties and easy-to-chew composition . This gum is derived from the Mastic tree, a flowering plant of the cashew family found in the Mediterranean Sea on the Greek island of Chios. The ancient Greeks long harvested the “Tears of Chios” or droplets of sap to help with digestive issues, most of which we now know today to stem from the dreaded helicobacter pylori bacterial infection. H pylori as it is commonly referred to as, is a digestive bacteria known to cause bloating, nausea, bad breath, ulcers and other gastrointestinal ailments. What makes mastic gum such an underdog in the dodgeball game of digestive remedies is the importation restrictions placed by the Mastichochoria; a cooperation of “Mastic villages” in charge of Mastic Gum distribution. This village cooperative has a limited number of harvests available and due to their geographical isolation, use a large portion of it for their own use. This factor has created an extremely skewed supply and demand scale with the island villages unwilling to commercialize their coveted resource, with good reason. Due to longstanding ties to the Island of Chios, the Digestive Center’s unique product has the highest concentration of mastic gum we’ve seen available online.

Trustworthiness 9.3/10

The Digestive Center is one of the most trusted names as far as supplement products go. Headed by the esteemed Dr. Roberto Contreras, a medical expert who has dedicated his specialized practice to the digestive system, this is a hubbub of information, inspiration and alternative health solutions.

Purity 9.6/10

After testing hundreds of Mastic Gum supplements the Digestive Center’s product proved to have the highest concentration of sap with zero fillers or synthetic additives. The actual product comes in a hard, rocklike substance that disintegrates into its gummy chewable form once it is placed onto the pallet. The Digestive Center also uses a third party testing facility to keep their production lab honest and ensures a 100% pure mastic gum product.

Customer Service 9.7/10

The Digestive Center’s customer service representatives are a highly trained and extremely friendly team of quality personnel. They definitely prioritize diffusing issues and were one of the most accommodating teams we’ve come across yet. If you are interested in ordering Mastic Gum head over to the Digestive Center’s website here.