Honda Fit Review

Honda Fit Review


Honda Fit isn’t the sporty car you’re looking, but it may be the urban-practical model, packed with convenient and safety features for the average car shopper out there. It is one of the best in the category of vans and utility vehicles, with its innovative features like the Magic Seat setup. Out of a small footprint, the maker has made many useful spaces inside, making it a good family vehicle overall.

What’s good?

  • Gained rigidity
  • Practical and economical
  • Great interior

What’s bad?

  • Reduced cargo room

Honda Fit:  How It Fares

A remarkable feature of Honda Fit is its interior flexibility with its rear-seat setup. With that alone, it can be told that this is a smart car ideal for the family in the subcompact car category on the market now. It is a small car that does won’t punish buyers for spending less because it combines versatility and economy.

A quick look on its features include its 1.5-liter four cylinder can make 130 horsepower and standard a shifting speed manual, but a CVT is optional. If you are willing to play a bit, then the chassis of the Fit can give you that.  There is also enough legroom and excellent rear seats that can fold flat. It also has a cargo capacity of 53 cubic feet, which is quite impressive.

Ever since the Fit appeared on the market in 2006, it has been the top recommended car by the experts for its price and practical features. To date, the model has pulled in 10 ‘best’ trophies as well as 3 wins in comparison tests.

While the latest version is a bit pricier than the old and standard version, that’s compensated with better features, like a better-looking interior fittings. The latest Fit has a new platform and it is powered by a new engine that spins new transmissions.  And for the first time in history, Honda seemed to have given top consideration in the aesthetics of the design. The styling of this new model is luxurious when compared to the old ones that looked dorky for most users.

It also looks as if the 2015 Fit is bigger than earlier version, but they are of the same height, only that this is 0.3 inch wider and 1.6 inch shorter. This new appearance is credited to the decreased glass; body ratio. When it comes to weight, this new Fit is up by 52 pounds versus the old version.

But there is of course a trade off.  Bigger people space sacrificed cargo room.  Honda reduced cargo room to give more legroom with its rear seat. From 21, the volume behind the rear seat declines to 17. For the most part, however, it is hard to see this as a negative change.

It also features quality design and material. It has dash and doors that boast soft-touch panels and that have matte-finish “fauxluminum” for the door handles, air vents and dash. Also, the new Fit comes with an upgrade in available equipment and standard.

The 2015 version has a more aggressive stance, well-furnished interior, exterior, quality design and construction that every car shopper would appreciate. Also, the maker did a great job with this model’s CVT. The car also manages to eliminate exterior noise excellently.

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