How Options Trading Made Me a Millionaire

How Options Trading Made Me a Millionaire

Review: 4.8/5 stars
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Key Factors:

  • Easy to understand material
  • Strategies for both beginner traders to advanced
  • Tips for managing trades properly
  • Options trading safety for maximizing returns and minimizing risk
  • Suggestions for getting started reader has learned material
  • Comprehensive quizzes to test your options trading knowledge


Inside the Goal Post, is a “no frills” straight to the point guide on options trading. Written by professional options trader Joshua Green, a 33 year old, self-made millionaire, who completely changed his life with options. He’s now offering training courses, and an in-depth options guide, so that anyone who’s serious about making money, can do what he did and copy his success. Split up into 4 defining sections, this guide did way more than lay out the basic concepts of how to trade options.
First it dives into the history of options, where they stem from, and how they were used initially.
Then the guide goes thru all the terminology needed to understand and execute options trades. It even goes so far as to dissect options chains, providing real, tangible, examples so anyone unfamiliar with options will be able to read real charts moving forward.
But here’s where we think the guide really went further than the others. Josh gives us his recommended strategies—the very same ones he uses in his portfolio. With so many different strategies out there, it can be overwhelming to try and pick which ones are right for your account. Well, Josh gives us his 3, and it just so happens, they’re perfect for satisfying the needs of any trader, whether they’re conservative, risk adverse, or not.
And lastly, and probably most importantly, Josh talks options trading safety, and how he’s managed to keep his profits, and the list of rules he believes every options trader needs to follow, for consistent profiting.
In a nutshell, this guide will give you the history of options, the lingo needed to trade options, the options strategies he’s had proven success with (and still does) and lastly, a string of safety measures he feels are paramount for options traders if they want to be successful long-term. Buy Now


Reviews for How Options Trading Made Me a Millionaire:

“I’m not a professional trader”

By Gef K.

…and quite frankly don’t have the time to be. This guide taught me how to trade options for extra income without having to constantly sit in front of my computer and trade. In fact, most of my trades have been on my phone, on the go! I will continue to use the strategies Josh teaches.

“Easy to follow.”

By Andre W.

Learned a lot, and have already made five thousand from it!

“The Bible for Options Trading”

By Alex W.

This guide is the bible for options trading. Unlike many of the others that I’ve read, this one doesn’t feel like a textbook filled to the brim with theory. These are real strategies everyone needs to know.

“The Material was Easy to Understand”

By Kevin M.

Josh has been a huge help in sharing his process for trading. This went above and beyond explaining options. It’s usage of real charts and options chains parallels well to what I now look at when I place trades. Very good for first time options traders

“Perfect for My Lifestyle”

By Greg I.

MI love his set it and forget it strategy. It’s perfect for my lifestyle, so I don’t need to worry about the markets on a daily basis. Just place a trade, sit back and wait for the payday. It’s absolutely beautiful!

“Worth it!”

By Efren K.

Josh Green knows how to trade options. I’m also getting his trade alerts, and have been very happy with the money I’m seeing. Worth it!



Can non-professional traders/investors benefit from the guide?

Yes, we feel that the guide does a great job explaining options in a way that anyone can understand. Also, from what we gathered, you don’t need to have a lot of money in your investment accounts to use these strategies. Josh also mentions a few tips on what to do if you’re not ready to trade with real money, to better prepare yourself for a time when you might be

How much time will I have to dedicate to this guide?

That might be a bit hard for us to answer considering everyone learns at a different pace. What we CAN say is this guide does a good job at getting right down to the important stuff when it comes to trading options. Josh doesn’t waste time with every options strategy out there. From what’s stated in the guide, he only discusses the strategies he’s used and seen success with. Most people will probably want to emulate his success by doing as he did, but if you’re someone who’s looking for a more robust book on options; one that covers every strategy but doesn’t give a real life testament to their success, you can find several thru Amazon that are more objective.

Is this guide taught like a textbook?

In some ways yes, but in more ways no. Because this is written by Joshua Green himself, we got the sense that he only wanted to convey HIS principals and strategies for successful trading. With options, there are so many different plays you can make. Josh chooses to focus on what’s worked for him. Which makes total sense. We got the idea, after reading this guide, that it was more of a personal playbook than a textbook. And in many ways, we find that to be more valuable. Simply because he shares incites and lessons he’s learned, while trading over the years. Many of which are pitfalls that get options traders into trouble. He’s laying out the good, the great, and the ugly so that anyone reading his guide can benefit from his strategies, and avoid his mistakes.

Does josh advocate trading options full-time?

While he doesn’t come right out and say it. It seems Josh got into trading options so that he could free up his time, more so than spend more of it behind a desk. Many of his talking points are around how options trading can be pretty hands off if the person chooses. Meaning you can set longer term options trades, and not touch them for months at a time. It all depends on the interests of the person investing. But, it’s good to know you won’t have to be a day trader if you decide to use his strategies.