Is VenusBiotics Really The Best Women’s Probiotic On The Market?

Is VenusBiotics Really The Best Women’s Probiotic On The Market?


Nearly half of all women will get a UTI at least once in their lifetime. VenusBiotics kindly reminds us of this fact on their homepage.

The question we pose is this: How are UTIs, yeast infections, and other types of vaginal heath and wellness components served by a probiotic?

And more importantly, by VenusBiotics.

VenusBiotics says they have A SOLUTION for women… but what is it?

Probiotics and gut health go together like peanut butter and jelly. Beyonce and Jay-Z. Like ice cream and… more ice cream. The science is everywhere – probiotic supplements, micro-organisms that help your body perform important health and wellness functions, live inside your gut to the tune of 100 trillion bacteria at a time.

We get it.

But VenusBiotics reveals to us through their research that billions more bacteria are located in your urinary tract.

If probiotics are a valuable source for:

  • Helping your body digest food and absorb nutrients
  • Replenishing the good bacteria in your gut
  • Assisting with inflammation and infection-causing bacteria that try and create havoc for you from the inside out…

… Then imagine what they can do when unleashed inside your urinary tract.

What makes VenusBiotics a ‘women’s biotic?’

VenusBiotics claims to be different from other probiotics for two reasons.

  1. The specific strains of bacteria used in VenusBiotics are said to have been selected for their ability to endure harsh and acidic environments in the body such as the urinary tract and genitals.
  2. VenusBiotics, in addition to a blend of pre and probiotics (more on that later), also includes a special extract from cranberries medically proven to help with UTI’s, yeast infections, and other kinds of bacterial infections (which women tend to suffer from at a ratio of 10-1 compared to men).

Both these are particularly important to women as it relates to pH levels. Bacterial imbalance in a woman’s immune system often leads to urinary tract and other kinds of infections, as well as other uncomfortable effects such as bloating and stomach cramps.

Simply stated, when pH levels go up… that’s bad.

And if that happens, having a women’s probiotic that can endure the heat of higher acidic pH levels to protect you against infection… well, then that’s good.

But Does It Work? How do we know if VenusBiotics can match up to the best probiotics on the shelf?

The biggest pitfall to the success of a good probiotic is, ironically, the digestive system. With stomach acid and probiotic danger at every step of the way, you need some assurance that the millions of support bacteria you’re putting into your body with a supplement, actually stay alive long enough to get their job done.

The doctor led research behind VenusBiotics claims they have just the answer.

VenusBiotics tell us that these “issues can be corrected by restoring the balance of good-to-bad bacteria in your microbiome.” How do they do it? A proper balance of Pre and Probiotics. defines prebiotics as Types of dietary fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in your gut, which then helps the gut bacteria produce nutrients for the body.”  

Essentially, prebiotics feed probiotics.

They keep the good bacteria in your body alive so that you can have optimal balance for your digestive and immune health and best protect yourself from harmful bacteria and fungi that bring on infections. 

The less threat of infection, the better vaginal health and overall wellness for a woman.


After communicating directly with the representatives at the Digestive Center, the information we gathered through VenusBiotics website appears to check out. We got straight-forward answers to our questions after contacting their customer service.

Digestive Center also shared with us their 90-day satisfaction guarantee, which states if you’re unhappy with their product you can return it for any reason and receive a full, money-back guarantee.

Digestive Center offers the opportunity to purchase in bulk with significant discounts when add more bottles to your cart. Free-shipping and special ‘First Time Customer’ discounts are also available, which is nice as well.  


If you’re one of many out there that never knew the right probiotic could not only help with digestion, but overall vaginal wellness, urinary tract immune support, and help, VenusBiotics claims to have a scientifically proven option for you to try.

For the price point, the science-backed design of the product, and the safety and comfort of a quality customer service plan, VenusBiotics is worth a shot.