Kleancolor Metallic Nail Lacquer Mini Collection

Kleancolor Metallic Nail Lacquer Mini Collection


Kleancolor is a known maker and supplier of nail lacquer on the market. If you love coloring your nails so that they look well groomed for a night out or a date, then this collection may be what you’re looking for. Read this review and find out if this is a good buy or not.


  • 12-piece set nail polish collection
  • Comes in mini bottles, suitable for travel—take these nail lacquers anywhere you go
  • Rainbow colors, plus blue and black


  • Practical to buy, growing your collection with 12 additional nail polishes
  • Comes in a variety of colors, including black and white
  • Covers effectively, no need to apply two coatings for the perfect finish


  • Quite staining for some users who claimed that the polish is a bit hard to remove when applied, too
  • Possess quite a strong smell ,which can be annoying for some users

Benefits & Uses of the Kleancolor Nail Lacquer Set

The collection features the brand’s long-lasting nail lacquers, which come in travel-friendly mini bottles. They are chip-resistant that you can look forward to long-wear with them. The collection comes in bold and metallic colors, which gives an edge to women who want to rock the world with their great-looking nails. The metallic look of your nails can give them a new makeover look.

The set comes in 12 mini bottles, which are very convenient to bring anywhere you are. Plus, it will always be fun to change the color of your nail whenever you want to because these nail lacquers are very handy. You can always change your style anytime you want and give your nails a new look.

Plus, if you’re looking to grow your collection, then buying the Kleancolor Metallic Nail Lacquer Mini Collection may be a great addition. For an affordable price, you can get 12 new nail polishes for chance to change your nail color for every occasion whenever you want to.

The variety of colors will keep you excited in coloring your nails! And if you want a more traditional color, it also comes with black and white. According to users, the nail polish isn’t only perfect for their nails, but they are also practical to use.  In fact, many of them also claimed that they don’t need to applications for an excellent coverage because the nail polish is thick. Therefore, they don’t need to apply two coatings.

Aside from practicality, the collection also gives their nails a shimmery look, as compared to other metallic nail lacquers that look flat metallic.   In this case, women who are looking to get gorgeous nails each time.


The Kleancolor Metallic Nail Lacquer Mini Collection works pretty amazing overall. They can give a shimmering metallic appearance to every woman’s nails. They finish beautifully and give an awesome coverage. They are also thick and they are long lasting. Also, they can allow users to create amazing nail designs by using several nail polishes from this collection. So if you’re looking to grow your nail polish collection, don’t think twice but look into the nail lacquer set that may be what you’re looking for.