Meta-C Fish Shape Natural Handmade Buffalo Horn Hair Comb Review

Meta-C Fish Shape Natural Handmade Buffalo Horn Hair Comb Review


The Meta-C Buffalo Horn Hair Comb is one of the latest buffalo horn hair combs on the market that is making such a noise due to the said benefits of using buffalo horn, which benefits the hair and scalp in many ways. In this review, we’re discussing the plenty of uses and benefits for its buffalo horn hair, with sandalwood handle.


  • 100% made from black buffalo horn
  • Fits most pockets
  • Green sandalwood handle
  • Nice tactile quality
  • Massages hair
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Measures 12.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Weighs 29 grams


  • Made with natural buffalo horn hair
  • With sandalwood handle
  • Fish shape for easy use


  • May be a bit more expensive than other types of combs on the market

Benefits & Uses of the Meta-C Buffalo Horn Hair Comb

This is a 100% perfectly made black buffalo horn, with natural green sandalwood handle, which can work perfectly without japanning. The maker is able to keep the natural makeup of the horn even in the manufacturing process. It will not also tug on one’s hair as compared to plastic combs, which are commonly used by many. The comb is also anti-static.

And if you want to keep your hair and scalp healthy with natural products, then you may want to add this one in your collection.  It is one of the most picked products on the web right now because it works very effectively in massaging the hair and scalp. And as a result, the comb can also promote proper blood circulation, which is healthy for the hair and scalp. It also allows the growth of healthy and shiny hair. The product is so effective that it won’t cause any hair static, headache, dandruff and hair loss, too.

The product is made with natural sandalwood handle, which is why some of them may vary in color upon delivery; and some of them are dark and some are yellow.  Users are advised not to drop the comb. It is also delivered with a bonus pouch, where you can store the comb before putting it in your bag.

According to the maker, they package the Meta-C comb in a velvet style padded packaging, allowing the product to last for a lifetime. But if ever you received a damaged comb, the maker promises to send you a new one quickly.


Overall, this product is anti-static, as compared to ordinary combs, which can cause frizzy hair or beard, letting you look sophisticated and suave all the time.  Speaking of hair sophistication, the product is also well crafted so that you can achieve smooth and nice smelling hair all the time, versus metal and plastic brushes, which many times aren’t gentle on the scalp. This product also comes with a softer feel that users cannot find in metal or plastic combs. So if you have sensitive scalp, you may want to take a look at this product that won’t cause it scraping and bruising. Buy yours today!