Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review


The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the latest offering from the tech giant in the laptop/tablet hybrid category. It also has a powerful hardware and desirable design, making it one of the excellent hybrids today. If the product had received negative reviews in the past due to bug reports, the maker is now releasing some firmware updates. In this case, you may now want to consider giving it a look if you have put off buying it before due to the said concern. And to give you more insights on what to expect on Microsoft Surface Pro 4, you may want to check out this review for more information.

What’s good?

  • It has improvements for user experience.
  • A good hybrid on its own
  • Can be compared to rivals with its great features and functions

What’s bad?

  • It is expensive.

What You Need to Know about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

A few important changes include a fix for the battery drain or sleep bug, as well as some fixes for different driver-related bugs. But perhaps the most annoying of these bugs was the bad habit of the Intel HD 520 drivers of crashing at random, although there have been some issues which also meant that the screen of the device won’t switch on even when users already switched it on.

How does the design fare? Users normally look for an on the go and sleek device that they can carry anywhere, and in this department, the model somehow shines. However, the maker did not apply rework on the side of design. Its tablet section almost looks the same as that of the Pro 3, when looking at it from afar. No wonder, the Pro 4 has the same metallic grey magnesium color, slightly svelte dimensions of 292 x 201 x 8.4mm and the same adjustable kickstand.

The Surface Pro 4 Intel Core i5 model is satchel-friendly that weighs only 786g, but the Core M is even simpler of only 766 grams. In addition, it has microSD connection options and similar USB 3.0, mini-DisplayPort.

With the new version, the Microsoft has addressed some design issues, and one of the things they added is the new mechanism of the Surface Pen, which works in the same way as that of the Surface Pro 3 that has a magnetic lock in holding the stylus on the short side of the tablet. And then there are changes with the volume keys and power keys, which are now moved and placed on the long edge of the tablet.  The maker has also increased the power of the locking magnet. Going back to the Surface Pen, it has the capability of holding on to the tablet section, even if the device is thrown into a fairly full satchel.

When it comes to storage, you have the options. You can pick among the available SSD storage of128GB, 256GB or 512GB; and with the cloud services you can use on the Windows 10, running out of storage space won’t be a problem at all. The company, in fairness, has made these strategies of making little improvements for an improved performance and added user satisfaction.

Perhaps, you’re asking about its pricing.  You can stomach its prices, as it is a little bit more affordable than rivals are. Also, the price will depend on the storage space you will choose.  And when it comes to design, it is lightweight and has a thick tablet, which has 12.3 inches of screen size. The screen resolution has also increased from the 2,160 x 1,440 of the Surface 3 to 2,736 x 1,824, taking pixel density up to a huge 267ppi from 216ppi.

Overall, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has a decent quality and build and it is quite an impressive version versus its predecessor Pro 3. It also has compact built and solid functions for your daily computing needs.

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