Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Rift Review


Is Oculus Rift the next big thing in VR (virtual reality)? The company that founded it, Oculus VR LLC, is a known technology company, which was established in June 2012 and is spearheaded by Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe.  In the summer of the same year, the company announced the Oculus Rift, a head mounted display, which is intended for use in video gaming. The company collected around $10 million in funding for its development. And then on March 28, 2016, it was finally launched in public as a set of headphones, an IR LED sensor and a cool new design. [In March 2014, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, had an agreement with the product’s developer to acquire Oculus for $2 billion worth of cash and Facebook stock]

What’s good?

  • Nice, innovative industrial design
  • Future game catalog, including touch controllers
  • Good-seated virtual reality games

What’s bad?

  • Motion control weakness
  • Very expensive
  • Limited uses, aside from gaming

According to makers, the product’s not anything you have seen and used before because it lets you get inside your games—and simply transport into the other side. You can also jump into a movie scene and feel as if you’re actually playing one of the roles.  Yes, right. That’s VR—that’s Oculus Rift.

This promising innovation features topnotch optics and displays, which are all good in virtual realities. It has low persistence display and high refresh rate, a perfect combination that gives you a stunning VR experience.

The tracking system of the device has low latency constellation to allow for the presence of sensation, giving users the feeling of being actually in the location when they are not. With the Oculus Rift, users are going to feel immersion like never before.  The latest version of the device lets users witness details—thanks to its construction and design, which is comfortable, customizable, beautiful and adaptable.

Its geeky look is made natural with its industrial design, with thoughtful and clever touches. The device has a good carrying case that gives it a cyberpunk hacker’s console look.  It also has an all-black headset, which is downright understated by most gaming hardware standards. It has side wrapped in coarse cloth and smooth rubber front.  It also has lenses, which are wrapped by Lycra.

However, the screen’s clarity will depend on how it is angled toward your eyes. Do not wrap it tightly, as you might have a headache for doing so. Just have it at the right fit. Yes, at first, it might seem elusive to fit the device, but you can feel rewarded once you figured out how to wear it right.

What is in the box? It has a black tracking camera, 8-inch stand, Oculus remote, Xbox One gamepad, Industrial design headphones, Gyroscope, Accelerometer and a pair of lenses.

Overall, the Oculus Rift is a great additional in technology and users will love it, despite its high price. It gives users a perfect view of the surroundings and lets them immerse into the virtual reality world without any difficulty. It can also cut the risk to motion sickness down to zero.

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