Options Trading For Beginners: Learn How to Get Started and Make Money With Options Trading.

Options Trading For Beginners: Learn How to Get Started and Make Money With Options Trading.

Price $19.97

Rating 4/5

Options Trading for Beginners: Learn How to Get Started and Make Money with Options Trading is written by Michael Johnson, and can be purchased thru Amazon.com

We really liked this book for a few reasons. For one, it was laid out simply, and written clearly. There was a ton of good information for beginners, and the strategies he discusses make sense. We also liked he price point. We definitely felt we got a ton of value at only $19.97.

It also take’s a step by step approach for laying out each of the options strategies. Conceptially it’s great, while not overwhelming the audience with the technical. If you are someone who wants a very

Reviews for How Options Trading For Beginners:

“Good for Beginners”

By Mike C.

This book is a good conceptual overview of options trading for beginners. It is light in technical details and examples. The reader will definitely need additional references to understand these concepts at a working level.

“Really Recommend It!”

By Vince K.

This book is a great guide for beginners willing to invest and trade. It gives a great step by step explanation on how to invest. This book aims to give you knowledge on how to use certain strategies to succeed in investing. This book introduces all that you need to know in investing in the stock market and will give you some great advise and methods you can use in doing do. I definitely recommend this book!

“Really helpful which a lot of strategies”

By Dru P.

Really helpful which a lot of strategies to combine in achieving financial goals. We have potential to make money whether the market is going up,down and always. That’s a financial instrument that really effective to earn money. Being a holder we should to carry out the transaction and our goal is to make profits.Making money is not easy we need a lot of effort to make it work. We should know how to handle it wisely and protect our investment from decline or any losses.

“Good for Starters”

By Ron H.

A great book if you’re starting from zero with little to no knowledge. I’m looking for ways to start investing my money and dabble with stocks with my idle cash sitting in the bank, this book was great is outlining how options work, the risks and how to evaluate them properly. Of course, theres alot more I need to read, but it’s a great starting point. I don’t feel completely lost anymore.