Smooth Curls & Sleek Blowouts – Stun in Every Style With 2018...

Smooth Curls & Sleek Blowouts – Stun in Every Style With 2018 Top Blow Dryers


Blow Dryers That Actually Make Your Hair Healthier
With Each Use

Blow drying your hair every day isn’t necessarily good for the health of your strands, but the looks you can style while simultaneously drying from a morning shower are simply too polished and easy to ignore using the tool all together. The trick is to invest in a product that quickly and efficiently gives you gorgeous styles without compromising hair health.

The below products do exactly that, with the new age of hair technology overcoming its restrictions of cost and now becoming accessible for all. We took many factors into consideration for instance, wattage, composition, and any other functionalities such as a cool shot or other temperature settings to increase versatility for all hair styles.

Your Hair Type & Texture

Blow dryers are great styling tools no matter what type of hair you have. You see, there are 6 main types of hair texture that you can easily determine right now.

  • If your hair is flat, on the thin side and limp, you have fine hair
  • If your hair sticks up straight or if it poofs away from your scalp you have thick, textured hair
  • If your hair is anything in between, you have medium texture.

1. Your Experience With Blow Dryers of the Past

If you’ve had terrible experiences with blow dryers in the past make sure you mark down what exactly went wrong and why. This way, you can take necessary steps to ensure you purchase a device that does not feature the same issues and has exactly what you and your hair need for the ultimate glossy beauty look day in and day out.

2. Your General Hair Health

If you’re a frequent hair dyer or hit the blowout salon more often than you’d like to admit, chances are your hair might’ve already suffered from some damage. If you’re in it for the long haul with your natural color and stick to air drying more often than blow dry, your hair is probably in pretty good condition and you can use higher temperatures with faster heat transferring metals.



The Top 5 Blow Dryers

The chart pictured below provides a simplistic rating system for each blow dryer based on customer reviews and intended product effects. The review link offers a more in-depth look at price, product performance, heat up time, and customer experiences. We hope that this will help you make the most informed decision when it comes time to make your purchase.



#1 SRI Salon Dry Pro– Best On The Market!

          The new blow dryer from the Skin Research Institute is one of the best, most affordable products we’ve come across. From the sleek, matte design, to the additional attachments including the: diffuser, concentrator and pick.  The SRI Salon Dry Pro takes the idea of an at-home blowout and gives you every tool and functionality you need to achieve any look you want and make sure your hair stays manageable smooth and frizz free. With this tool, you are able to style sopping wet hair into gorgeous tumbling curls that actually hold to beachy waves worthy of a sultry mermaid and even sleek, polished looks without sacrificing volume and face-framing lift. It was extremely easy to use and fun to mix up with the different appendages. This product is also extremely affordable and very exciting for anyone looking to transform their own bathroom into a hair-goals-inducing blowout salon

Don’t forget to view the First Time Customer Special available for new shoppers! 


  • Easy-to-use lightweight matte look made using the product fun and simple
  • Ceramic-tourmaline helps soothe strands instead of drying them out
  • Wide range of temperature dials allowed for various textures to achieve gorgeous looks
  • Negative ion technology eliminated any frizz, flyways and static
  • Cool shot setting sealed the cuticle and eliminated any unwanted lift or static
  • Various attachments allowed different hair styles to be achieved with ease
  • One of the more affordable products for the quality
  • The noise of the hair dyer was quieter than most of this caliber


  • Only available online
  • Sporadically on backorder


#2 DryBar ButterCup

This is a very high-end product used in all of the DryBar franchise salons and even though we found it lacking in some areas, it really is a great choice for professional salon stylists. It did show that after extended use strands were a little dryer and more brittle if they weren’t constantly hydrated with the manufacturer’s suggested serums, but the gorgeous looks were almost worth the added price.


  • Uses larger heating air outlet for even heat distribution
  • Gorgeous styles that stayed all day
  • Various advanced technologies were used to help keep the style


  • Very high pricepoint, only recommended for professional stylists or serious shoppers
  • Must use with other DryBar products otherwise risk strand health
  • Customer service team was not welcoming and they had no money back guarantee


#3 6th Sense Masterpiece Professional Hair Dryer

Coming in at #3 is the blue-transparent hair dryer from 6th sense, a French company. This comes with a safety glove as well as dual voltage so it works abroad in a variety of outlets. The tourmaline ceramic composition creates a smooth shine that many customers were overjoyed with and remarked upon the fast heat up, even for those with long hair.


  • Very aesthetic look with blue transparent composition
  • Uses infrared heat and ionic technology to help maintain strand health
  • Fast heat up and styling duration, even for long-haired users
  • Dual voltage
  • Shipped quickly


  • Only 1600 watts which was low
  • The composition, while pleasing to the eye, didn’t help maintain strand health the same way ceramic-tourmaline did
  • Customer service team was average


#4 Solano Top Power 3200 Professional Hair Dryer

The Solano Top Power 3200 Professional is an Italian made product with 1875-wattage and an AC motor for optimal performance and ergonomic handle for hand health. We enjoyed using this product but it broke after a short period of time and their staff was not accommodating whatsoever.



  • Larger air outlet was used to accommodate users with long hair
  • Beautiful results especially for thicker haired shoppers
  • Used negative ion technology to eliminate frizz


  • Shorter handle was harder to some shoppers to grip correctly and didn’t achieve the style that they desired
  • The unique air outlet created more frizz on strands compared to other products


#5 Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer

Our number five choice didn’t have the unanimous amount of customer reviews as many of our other picks did, but this product had a great balance between heat, airflow, and air pressure, and dried even thick hair fast.


  • Comes in a variety of colors like pink white and black
  • Advanced technology helped heat up quickly and dried even extremely thick and long hair fast
  • Dual voltage


  • Wasn’t great at creating smooth styles and eliminating frizz
  • Shipping took much longer than any other company
  • Hair seemed to grow slightly more brittle and prone to breakage after extended use