Tesla Model S Review

Tesla Model S Review


Tesla Model S is dubbed to be the dream electric car of today.   What makes this new electric car good? It is stylish and offers top performance. Check out the following for a review of the Tesla Model S.

What’s good?

  • Amazing range
  • Super charging available
  • Luxurious, comfortable ride
  • Excellent trim levels and body styles
  • Five stars for total side impact and five stars for frontal impact safety in government crash tests
  • Excellent warranties

What’s bad?

  • It’s expensive; definitely, not a very affordable car

How does it fare?

When it comes to styling, the car looks somehow conventional, accommodating the expectations of many who are used to visual conventions. It comes with mix technologies, featuring a steel and aluminum monocoque that has generous crumple zones and front reinforcement gives it an impressive strength during crash. Its battery pack is beneath the cabin floor and it has subframe contributing to torsional rigidity.

There is also a Performance Plus pack that does not affect the battery, although it alters air suspension that boasts double front wishbones and at the rear is a multi-link. This pack, which is said to bring both handling and ride, brings up-rated bushings, dampers and anti-roll bars. It also has 20 mm rear tyres. The lithium-ion battery cells boast an 85kWh capacity. You can think of this as a big fuel tank. In this case, the Tesla S will take you longer to charge if you will be pushing a similar current level into your car. Now if you want to charge it using household socket, you can also do it.   The Tesla S can also allow high input charging.

The Tesla Model S is one of the best when it comes to efficiency. It has so much more to offer; in fact, it has been said to be the all-electric flagship luxury car, which performance is pedigree to thrill even the most critical car enthusiasts. There are also luxury interior treatments and high tech equipment inside that try to compete with seasoned rivals, including BMW and Mercedes Benz.

But no matter how luxurious or fast an EV is, they are still subjected to two major problems—charging time and range.  Both these factors can affect the performance of an electric car and they could affect a shopper’s decision in buying a car or not.  But it seems that Tesla S has addressed these problems.

When it comes to range, most EVs of today are typically between 80 and 100 miles, but this model has topped all that with its EPA-estimated range totaling to 208 miles. And then there is the charging time. This concern is answered by the super charger network that can help Tesla owners to recharge their cars at a fast rate. These stations are located in major highways. In that case, you can drive across the US if you wish to go on a road trip with friends. It also has all-season tires. 19-inch wheels, cruise control and automatic xenon headlights.

Overall, the Model S is like no other electric cars on the market. It is feature-rich and it’s efficient. It is both quick and quiet in acceleration. However, energy use is going to suffer if you are in an insane mode. But nevertheless, this is the car when it comes to getting up to speed fast to give you the most exhilarating experience ever!

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