The 5 Best Eye Gels on the Market – 2017

The 5 Best Eye Gels on the Market – 2017


Every single day, our readers ask for our advice on the alternative to non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Because Botox and other injections are becoming “more” affordable, and because they appear like some quick, easy and painless fix, increasingly more people are tempted. In 2016, over 7.3 million cosmetic injections were done, in the USA only. That’s $3.5 billion spent on a short-term fix (don’t forget they only last 3-4 months), or about $500 per trimester!

Until recently, though, Botox and Hyaluronic Acid were the only options for those of us who needed real and visible improvement. Yet, within the past couple years, cosmetologists have discovered and developed formulas so potent, even plastic surgeons got intrigued.

So, here’s our advice: If you want to go with a natural approach, go with an eye gel!

Now, all eye gels won’t give you the same results. Some of them will be a waste of time and money, at best. And, because it is extremely difficult to navigate the Anti-Aging Market, because there are so little products that DO WORK LIKE ADVERTISED, we are proud to offer you our most popular feature: Our Top 5 Chart.

Whereas the chart might look simple, the reviews are exhaustive. Our ratings (Superior, Excellent or Good) are backed by a LOT of research, testing, and talking to regular users.

Take a look at the columns and find the area that matters the most to YOU. See who got the best grade, and then click either on the image, the brand, or the “read it” link to open the FULL review.

BELOW THE CHART is some extra guidance on how to find the best eye cream. We hope it’ll help you and ease your search.

Dark Circles Under Eye Bags Wrinkles Customer Rating The Review

Visionnaire Yeux, from Lancôme


Superior Superior Superior 9.9/10 Read It

Baebody Beauty Eye Gel


Excellent Excellent Excellent 8.2/10 Read It

Perfect Body Harmony Eye Gel


Superior Does Not Good 8/10 Read It

Toulon Eye Renewal Therapy


Does Not Excellent Good 8.2/10 Read It

Petra Organics Eye Gel


Good Good Average 7.5/10 Read It

How to Find the Very Best Eye Gel For YOU?

Every single day, millions of consumers search the web for DIY solutions to fix their issues. While looking for the best way to look younger, many adds pop up on their browser, calling for their attention. Unfortunately, more often than not, consumers are left disappointed once they try their new acquisition. The results are nothing like those they saw online, far from what was promised, if not inexistent. You might have experienced this disappointment yourself. That’s why we’re here to tell you: DON’T STRESS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

That said, how can you find the Very Best Eye Gel? Does any of them ACTUALLY WORK? Is there any hope for you to get rid of those lines, puffy eyes or dark circles so prominent that they make you self-conscious?

With our help, you’ll be able to spot which products will work best for you IN NO TIME. And, with a little bit of research, you can apply those principles to any other kind of cosmetics.

Step 1:

Before you start looking at specific brands, take a good look at the area around your eyes in a mirror. What exactly do you wish to improve? Should you focus on fine lines? Do you see any dark circles or puffiness below your eyes? Are they due to lack of sleep or a change in your diet? Some age marks can easily be corrected with a simple lifestyle change:

  • Sleep a minimum of 8 hours every night
  • Drink 64 oz of water a day
  • Limit coffee, alcohol and cigarettes
  • Exercise 30 minutes per day
  • Take a BEFORE picture

Step 2:

After a few weeks of this new lifestyle, take a new look at your eyes. Take another picture and compare it to your first one. Has anything improved already? Do you still need to focus on the same areas? List the issues you’d like to fix in descending order, starting from the area you wish to improve the most.

Step 3:

It is now time to look for YOUR solution. Be aware of all the marketing techniques out there, promising you instant and miraculous results. The right product will improve your specific issue over time, and you might not notice anything before a couple weeks. Because a potent eye gel will treat the root of your issue, not its expression, your skin will improve in depth first. Then, the outer layer of your skin will start looking better, until everybody notices it. A product that promises you fast results is most certainly a gimmick. Worst, it could hurt you on the long term. Especially on that extra-thin, extra-sensitive area that is the skin around your eyes.
Look at user reviews, scientific background, guarantee policies and company reputation. They will tell you how much you can trust the product. Lucky you, we’ve done all that work for you with the eye gel (see chart above). But you can apply that same technique with any cosmetics you need. Damn, you can even apply it when looking for a new TV!

Eye Gel Specifics:

Dark Circles – The skin around your eyes is ultra-thin (about 0.5 mm thick), thinner than anywhere else on your body. As you get older, your skin loses some of its fat and collagen. This loss makes your skin more transparent, your blood irrigation system starts to show. Because your veins in this area are also ultra-thin, it could seem uniform, like a light, blueish bruise: this is a dark circle. The thinner your skin, the more dark eye circles show.

If a lifestyle change could do tons for reducing dark eye circles, a soothing gel could also do wonders. Look for Regu-Age in the formula of your eye gel. This peptide that has a specific and dramatic action on dark eye circles and eye bags.

Fine Lines & Crow’s Feet – Collagen and Elastin are ESSENTIAL for your skin’s health. They give it its texture, they also help it quickly go back to normal after you’ve smiled, frowned, or just moved. Unfortunately, after 25 years old, their levels slowly decrease, and lines appear. The drier your skin, the faster lines will show and grow. Thus, you need to look for extra hydration and help in rebuilding collagen and elastin.

TAKE YOUR TIME to look at the research behind your favorite product and its label. Specific peptides and active ingredients, like Trylagen or Glycolic Acid, stimulate new skin cell growth, collagen and elastin production.

Under Eye Bags – The thin, delicate skin around your eyes may be especially susceptible. Lack of sleep, water or exercise, stress, poor diet, can cause fluids to accumulate around your eyelids, puffing them up so that they become saggy. This can make you look older, tired and unhealthy. The opposite of sexy. Once more, specific peptides, especially those coming from fruits (AHA), can stimulate the fluids circulation under your skin, and drain them faster. A cooling effect would add a quick fix that could become permanent over time.

Step 4:

Take a picture every 4 weeks and compare it to your BEFORE picture. If, after 3 months, you can’t see a significant improvement, go back to step 3. If you found the right eye gel for you, you should see a NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE in your picture #3 or #4. Appreciate the improvement and BE PROUD. You are doing something good for yourself!

While we understand that the price can limit your options, remember that you will only use a tiny amount of gel per day (about half a pea size or less). Thus, a 30 mL jar could last you much longer than expected, sometimes up to 6 weeks. But still, prefer a company that offers a great money-back guarantee so, if you need to go back to step 3, you wouldn’t lose any money. Yet, the right eye gel for you will IMPROVE YOUR LOOKS and BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE much more than a couple sips of wine, for half the price! It’s definitely worth taking the time to choose it…