The Top Three Running Shoes

The Top Three Running Shoes


Find Out The Best Running Shoe For Comfort , Durability, and Style!

For 18 of my 25 years on this planet, I have been running. Not from the law, but around college tracks and across endless distances of earth. I started running the summer after 3rd grade and I haven’t stopped, except to collect a handful of trophies and awards. I was the Colorado High School track and field athlete of the year. I won a scholarship to Oregon and won the NCAA 5000 meter race two consecutive years. It would have been four had I owned the proper shoes, but that’s another story.

Do you want to run faster, farther, and in more comfort and style than the next guy? Of course you do. No one ever said these shoes are too comfortable, they last too long, they’re not expensive enough! It has happened ;I have the wedding pics to prove it. After a marathon, my future wife, Linda, stopped to chat me up about the Nikes I was running in, and we haven’t stopped talking since.

Over the years, as technology and choices have improved shoes, I have put together what I believe is the perfect balance of the ideal running shoe, through four qualities; comfort, durability, affordability and style, in order of importance.
Are you ready to put your feet in heaven? Of course you are. With the above criteria in mind, and with my credentials on display for your judgement, I give you my picks for the top five running shoes.

And in advance of the knowledge I am about to drop on you and your precious feet, you’re welcome!


#1 ASICS Men’s/womens GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe

These came out on top as they were rated excellent in all four categories.

Pro’s – THE most comfortable shoe I have worn. Others have come close, but none fit my feet like this. The upper cushion is heaven. The gel in these gives an extra level of cushion – like you’re walking barefoot on an ocean of cotton candy. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but the heal-toe strike areas were perfectly cushioned and the plastic bridge under the arch created superior support.

They are very durable. They lasted nearly a year, an eternity in running shoes. Usually I replace shoes about every six to nine months if I am running heavily. When I bought these I was training for an ultra-marathon (39 miles) so I was training hard and they took the beating like a champ. Even in the rain they held up and were quick to dry.

Cost-wise these were a little more expensive, but overall, worth it. I paid $125, not outrageous for a quality running shoe. My goal was to try to keep costs around $100. If you are on a tight budget these may be out of your grasp.

Style – Style of the ASICS Men’s GEL Nimbus huge plus. Not only were they sleek and aggressive looking, they come in 12 different color combinations, one for seemingly every possible taste. A light and bouncy shoe.

CONS – specific size limitations (narrow to medium width only) and possible cost considerations. But if you can afford the shoe and are inside the width range – this shoe is worth it.


Our Rating: 98/100

#2 Nike Men’s/Womens Free Flyknit 4.0, BLACK/WHITE-DARK GREY

PROS – A very, very, comfortable, lightweight shoe for serious runners. Soles are excellent, gives you natural range of motion over any distance. Their triple layer base provides excellent comfort and running support, and the interior cushion keeps the foot stable.

Durability – The Pre are built to last with excellent design and build-quality. The sole have a unique traction design that distributes weight and reduces wear.

Cost – They are the Nike crown jewel of running shoes and they are priced accordingly.

Style wise they have a variety of colors and accents, most appealing to the hip and cool.


Our Rating: 97/100

#3 Saucony Hurricane ISO 2

PRO – This was as close to perfection, as far as comfort goes, for any shoe I tried. Well-cushioned uppers and thick gel soles made these very comfortable. In addition to the gel insert there was an added layer of sole. All the padding, while increasing comfort, seemed to make them a bit heavier, so be aware.

Durability-wise these were well made and long lasting. Ironically, I went through three pairs of shoe laces – so either I am an aggressive shoe-lace-tier, or they wore out fast.

Cost – These were expensive – $170. If cost is a primary factor for you, these may be out of your range.

Style-wise these were great looking, but only come in two colors; white or blue, but what really set them apart was their elaborate, almost ornate floral designs. It sounds odd, but it works.

Our Rating: 90/100