What Are The Best Running Shoes?

What Are The Best Running Shoes?


If you’re not running in the Asics 2000 Ultra-Gels, you’re running in circles.

Being a long distance runner, I thought I had to spend a lot for top quality running shoes. Wrong!  Turns out the Asics 2000 Ultra-Gels weren’t the most expensive, just the best value running shoe I’ve ever had.  After years of running on Nikes, which I loved, I switched up brands on the advice of a friend and tried the Asics Ultra-Gel’s, and wow! What a difference! I’ve tried every kind of Nike running shoe and spent upwards of $240 for their top of the line Avenger running shoe and the Asics has them beat.  Since I’ve switched, my feet, and wallet, have been thanking me.

Not only are these Asics built to last, but the periodic blisters and shin splints I was getting totally disappeared. My doctor told me it was normal for runners to get those. Well, turns out he was wrong because I haven’t had them since I made the switch.  Anyone who runs distance knows how painful those can be. Ugh.  The Asic’s heal is thicker than the Nike, so it has a softer landing spot, and the arch support is perfect for high arches. I immediately noticed the difference.  They also have this cool see though sole with this multi-colored gel that changes colors when you run, it looks really cool. People stop and ask me about them all the time.

After training in my Asics, I ran a full 26k run in Vancouver last month – no blistering at all, and I actually posted my best time ever! To be fair, I trained extra hard for this one so it’s not entirely the shoes, but I swear they made a difference.  They don’t allow me to walk on water, but I’m kicking myself for sticking with those Nike’s for so long. I guess I’m a sucker for brand loyalty. The best part? They not only last longer, fit better, and look cooler, they’re cheaper!   I’m saving over $100 a year just on shoes!  Add in fewer trips to the podiatrist and the cost of band aids, it’s like getting a free pair of shoes every year. The color combos are endless, too. I just picked up a pair in this killer Seahawk blue and green.